Saturday, August 18, 2012

Kuldiga, Latvia

A very quiet town in the Latvian countryside. In the farms and fields (corn, wheat, cattle) we saw many large, tall storks, white with black, and red legs ands beaks, perching atop telephone poles and such like the ospreys near Eugene. Drove through Talsi and stopped for lunch at Kuldiga, borth Hertz ancestral homes.

We got there during siesta I guess, as it was virtually deserted, old-fashioned wood and stone buildings along a quiet winding street above a millstream, and a central pedestrian area flanked by a few shops. Had an unintentionally leisurely lunch at a sort of pub (the only open place in town – therefore very slow service because they were fairly busy) of hard cider and Pork Warsaw (essentially a porchop smothered in cheese and creamy tomato sauce). Visited the few Jewish graves remaining in the cemetery, and the old synagogue, now a library (it was going to be a disco but the populus complained).

Not a prison but a storage shed

The old synagogue, now a library

The old Jewish cemetery

What cemetery would be complete without its play area?

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