Friday, November 15, 2013

Italian portals

A selection of doorway photos from my 2007 sojourn in Italy, in honor of Sepia Saturday 203.
Pink bomboli, Amalfi

St. Francis's reputed birthplace, Assisi

Barber, Anghiari

Tower, Citerna

Ducal Palace, Urbino

Layers, Citta di Castello

Wine, Montefalco

Renewal, Cortona

No parking, Sansepolcro

Worker's entrance, Cospaia

Cell, Montone

Junction, Spello

"Pigs piss in the doorway",  San Gimignano

Opening up, Villareggio

Friday, November 08, 2013


For Sepia Saturday, a few shots of Southwold, summer 2005. And an inspirational soundtrack.



Beware of spikes near groynes!

24 hour party people

Surf's up

Tossing hagstones

Regatta news