Monday, April 11, 2011

The Vatican in B&W

Quasi rebroadcast of my April 2010 post, for Weekend in Black and White.

Going up! At the Vatican Museum...

And back down.

It was a rainy day. Our tour of middle- and high-school students had just missed, for better or worse, the spectacle of hordes of mourners from around the world saying goodbye to the dead Pope

The Vatican tours were still crowded but the streets seemed quite subdued. An occasional distressed Roman could be seen in out of the way places.


Dragonstar said...

Love all the decorative curves in the second shot - a bit like a slice through a sea shell.

LauraX said...

the round stairwell shot is perfection!!!

TheChieftess said...

Nicely done!!! Yes...I loved the circular stairwell shot...but I also really like the sea of chairs waiting for the faithful to view the Pope!!!